Sagging what does it really mean

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Clothing, Racism
"what it means"
From my knowledge the practice of wearing low-slung, baggy or sagging trousers is thought to have begun in prisons. The inmates were issued with ill-fitting clothes and weren’t allowed belts due to fears of  use them as weapons or in case they wanted to committed suicide.
I have an 13 old son who I from time to time I have to tell  put a belt on , pull your pants up. Now that I read on The Source that a man was arrested in Florida for wearing his jeans too low therefore showing his underwear, it got me thinking, what are other peoples views on saggy pants?
Personally its not hot to me, I dont want to see noones damn underwear. But thats me , is it hot or do the guys need to get a belt?
Here’s a few pictures of some stars with their pants hanging down.



Lethal Bizzle

C. Brown

Bow Wow & Omarion

Usher  with Lil Ush



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