Snow Wine Bottles

Posted: October 5, 2011 in D.I.Y, Holiday

Wine bottles=Christmas display

The story of 3 wine bottles…..that just wanted to be pretty….
Ahhh…aren’t they pretty now…’s what I did….
I gathered 3 bottles…1 was a bit taller than the other 2…
Sprayed a coat of primer on them…
Let them dry and got out the Epsom salt (found in the drug section area near first aid..) what can I say…I like to think outside the box! About $2 for the box!
Spray the bottles with some craft bond spray adhesive.
Roll the tacky bottle in some Epsom salt…
kind of looks like snow?? maybe??
I placed the bottles on a silver platter that I had on hand…I also spread some extra Epsom salt around the tray. I placed a few small silver balls along with 3 votive. Inside the wine bottles I stuck in some silver pics from Michael’s. I was thinking of tall candles…that would also work too…but I liked this look a but more.
I only spent money on the Epsom salt and the silver pics…not bad really

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