Chore Dice

Posted: October 7, 2011 in D.I.Y, Home, Parenting

Chore Dice

We have been needing some chore organization around here !

Get blocks cut at home depot  from scrap wood. If you ask nicely, some locations cut free. You can usually find some scrap wood at the front of the store by the contractor’s doors. This is why this cost me a few cents. I paid 54 cents for the wood, had it cut for free and also have some wood leftover for something else. {The paint and modpodge I already had on hand – like many crafters}

Then sand, sand, sand all the blocks.

Now you are ready to start making the chore dice:

6. Sand the blocks again if you want a distressed look {or need to have a distressed look because you messed up a little like me! ;)} Mod podge all surfaces once, let it dry, and then apply one more time.

Then roll away…

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