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It has been a while

I miss ya’ll.

It started out with me just being too busy to come and post. Between home life, dealing with my  hubby,my  kid, the kids sports, the kids school events, my school, and work I just had no time.

Then, (deep sigh) I had a death in my family. My oldest brother got killed 😦 D=, it happened the day after my 30th birthday on black Friday, which was the day before his daughter 11th birthday...SIGH .. So, November and December were not my months.

So, I have been pretty busy. I am apologizing, I have a lot of great post just like my old page..


Be Blessed Edna Moore-Washington 




Traveling Food Ideas

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Daycare, Food, Home, Life, Parenting, While Out

Summer Road Trip #1: Car Snacks

 3 easy snacks for the road or camp ground.
1) Empty peanut butter jar + celery sicks
Finally a way to have p.b. and celery without the mess. Fill an empty jar with an inch or two of peanut butter and then fill with celery sticks. Kids get a yummy snack without sticky fingers and the car stays free of kid schmeer.
2) Empty sour cream container + empty baby food ja
A quick way to pull off carrots and dressing without the dragging the jar along or buying those expensive to-go dressing singles.
3) Empty 32 oz. yogurt container + single serving yoplait
Easy peasy fruit slices and dip. So yummy straight from the cooler at a camp site or rest stop.
So there you go–easy straight-from-the-recycling-bin solutions for eating well on the road.

Chore Dice

Posted: October 7, 2011 in D.I.Y, Home, Parenting

Chore Dice

We have been needing some chore organization around here !

Get blocks cut at home depot  from scrap wood. If you ask nicely, some locations cut free. You can usually find some scrap wood at the front of the store by the contractor’s doors. This is why this cost me a few cents. I paid 54 cents for the wood, had it cut for free and also have some wood leftover for something else. {The paint and modpodge I already had on hand – like many crafters}

Then sand, sand, sand all the blocks.

Now you are ready to start making the chore dice:

6. Sand the blocks again if you want a distressed look {or need to have a distressed look because you messed up a little like me! ;)} Mod podge all surfaces once, let it dry, and then apply one more time.

Then roll away…

Puzzle Deer

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Christmas, Crafts, D.I.Y, Daycare, Holiday, Parenting

Ever since I was a JoVelle was a baby, I started making homemade ornaments.  This began as a necessity at first, since I didn’t have ornaments of my own to decorate my little tree.

Now that I have a daycare these little gifts  have become something special for my kids to gives to the special people in her life, i.e. Grandparents, Godparents, Babysitters, etc.
This year I wanted to make them with what we had spending as little money as possible.
Here’s what I came up with:

Old Puzzle Pieces
Arranged and Glued together in this manner:
Painted Brown
Add some Eyes
And a Nose

Some Ribbon on the back, and you’ve got yourself
A Very Puzzling Rudolph
(I didn’t notice the snowman hunter aiming at him until after I uploaded this pic…I happen to find that endearing)

Back to school

Posted: October 5, 2011 in D.I.Y, My Thoughts, Parenting, Party

Back To School Party

One Charming Party put together some amazing and fun ideas for Back to School. How cute is the school supplies “buffet”? There’s something so fun about new pencils, pens, paper clips and fresh notebooks… don’t you think? Help your little ones prepare for their first day of class, or a return to school with a Back to School Party. Ask other neighborhood Moms to lend a hand with the party, and the excitement is sure to build. Set up a school supplies buffet, just like One Charming Party has done, and have each child select their supplies and place them in a new backpack. Ask the older kids to give tips and share their experience with the first timers. Before you know it, your kids will be so excited to board the bus on their first day!