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It has been a while

I miss ya’ll.

It started out with me just being too busy to come and post. Between home life, dealing with my  hubby,my  kid, the kids sports, the kids school events, my school, and work I just had no time.

Then, (deep sigh) I had a death in my family. My oldest brother got killed 😦 D=, it happened the day after my 30th birthday on black Friday, which was the day before his daughter 11th birthday...SIGH .. So, November and December were not my months.

So, I have been pretty busy. I am apologizing, I have a lot of great post just like my old page..


Be Blessed Edna Moore-Washington 



Traveling Food Ideas

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Daycare, Food, Home, Life, Parenting, While Out

Summer Road Trip #1: Car Snacks

 3 easy snacks for the road or camp ground.
1) Empty peanut butter jar + celery sicks
Finally a way to have p.b. and celery without the mess. Fill an empty jar with an inch or two of peanut butter and then fill with celery sticks. Kids get a yummy snack without sticky fingers and the car stays free of kid schmeer.
2) Empty sour cream container + empty baby food ja
A quick way to pull off carrots and dressing without the dragging the jar along or buying those expensive to-go dressing singles.
3) Empty 32 oz. yogurt container + single serving yoplait
Easy peasy fruit slices and dip. So yummy straight from the cooler at a camp site or rest stop.
So there you go–easy straight-from-the-recycling-bin solutions for eating well on the road.

I’m no fashionista and I don’t pretend to be. In fact, most mornings I stand in front of my closet with tears of frustration forming in my eyes because I just don’t know what to wear. I do, however, take comfort in the fact that I’m at least clued in enough to know what NOT to wear.

I wish everyone knew as much…

Pajamas and slippers out in public. This pisses me off to no end. Have we really gotten so lazy as to be unable to put clothing on to leave the house? If this is where we’re at now, what happens in a couple of years after standards for appropriate pubic attire have gotten even lower? Are people just not going to bother wearing pants at all? The horror!!! We have to do something before it’s too late!!

Sweatpants with statements written across the ass. Why oh why do people feel the need to express themselves in this way? Do I want to know that your ass is JUICY or PINK or that you’re BARELY LEGAL? No. No I do not. TMI. If you’re ass is juicy, you’ve got real problems. Don’t advertise, seek help.

Mom Jeans. These pants are an atrocity embodying everything that was wrong with the 80’s in a single garment. What woman hating monster designed these bad boys? Even Miss Nicole Kidman herself could not pull off a pair of these pants! Complete with a boob-grazing, camel-toe-inducing 9 inch zipper and tapered leg they’re often paired with another of my favorites, the Theme Sweater.

Jeans that exacerbate and showcase the FUPA (aka gunt, aka muffin top, etc.). If this happens to you, perhaps you shouldn’t be wearing those jeans. Since you clearly enjoy calling attention to your less attractive features, I’m guessing that in the rear, you’re sporting a Whale Tail.

Whale Tails. Your butt called. It’s wondering where your pants went. Panties are called underwear for a reason.  Victoria’s Secret makes them instead. Note the word SECRET. That’s secret as in not public. Pull your pants up.

Scrubs. Not a good look for doctors, not a good look for you. End of story IF YOU NOT AT WORK WHY KICK IT IN THEM?

Leggings. The bulging seams, the visible panty lines, those tell-tale cellulite dimples–if you’re pushing 300lbs and you’re wearing leggings, whatthe fuck are you thinking?

High-water pants, white sweat socks, black shoes.Potsie? Is that you?

There’s a lot more here that I’m sure I’m forgetting so I’m going to leave some room for the rest of you to share what makes you want to gouge your eyes out with hanger.

Have a lovely day.

But Her Head

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Clothing, Me talking about people, While Out

I always gives credit … when it is due!  I have no problem saying he or she is cute, pretty, whatever.

So any-who, I was out with my friend at Text Road House last week, while looking for the people we were meeting there I pointed to this chick.


From the back she look like she could be a dime. Outfit was on point, hair was laid, I would slap someone if they said she wasn’t fly.So messing with my friend cause she is a lesbian I and asked ” Would you talk to her?”

Chewing on some peanuts she almost choked, turning back to me, face looking like I just spit on her momma, she said Naw, shes a butterhead.

I looked for myself. And yea she wasn’t cute at all.  I can not think of one thing I could say was cute about her. You know normally you can say she got a nice smile, cute eyes, nope besides her hair and body she was busted. Then I thought about a song that was out a while ago about buterheads. I  couldn’t help but laugh.

So what is a butterhead or butterface

**Everything about her is looking good but her face of face**

These are the girls

1.who eat light


3. has to always be fly

4. Most likely wont ever catch her without her makeup or hair undone.



The terminology we come up with. People make theirselves look so much better with push-up bras, fake eyelashes, low-rise jeans, color contacts, makeup and boob jobs.

Interesting. Of course, if you have the funds, they can fix your face too…but I find it interesting someone would choose to go in for a boob job but do nothing about anything else. As if having size Ds makes up for everything.

Maybe it does. After all, when she walks into a room looking like THAT, no one’s gonna be checking out her face.

Heck, half the models on the runway are But-her-faces. It’s all about the body…and angular faces. Apparently that’s what makes a true model.

It all reminds me of the annoying commentary overweight people often get. You have SUCH a pretty face. Annoying, true, but which is better? To have the perfect body but a face of someones nightmares? Or to have a body that might need some work but the face that is breathtaking in its beauty?