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My Brother Joe

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Life
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On December 3rd, I sat in front of Zion Gate Missionary Baptist Church at my brothers funeral. It was rumored to be one of the biggest funerals in Kankakee history. I do not know if that is true, but it was the biggest one the church and the funeral director ever had. Everyone talked about my brother and all I heard was “Joe Buck” this, “Joe Buck” that. I never knew this person the community grew to love. I only knew Joe… Both great guys but on 2 different levels. I am not ready to open the can of worms about his death yet, maybe another day. I will share a few artificial I found on him.

Antonio Young Commentary

Kankakee: Anti-violence rally aimed at youth

Joe visiting Trend Setter to teach

This is the link to get a sign dedicated in his name by his barbershop … PLEASE SIGN if you are registered to vote and have an email that is all it takes


Killers Caught

Kankakee: Police release names in Buckner killing – The Daily-Journal.

Kankakee: Local grassroots group meets tonight to carry on ‘Joe Buck’s’ legacy – The Daily-Journal.

Susy Schultz: Vision of city’s future damned by its past – The Daily-Journal.


My brother had many people do youtube videos and I loved them all…


The one that my friend Chris did was amazing.

here is the link to Chris song

It has been a while

I miss ya’ll.

It started out with me just being too busy to come and post. Between home life, dealing with my  hubby,my  kid, the kids sports, the kids school events, my school, and work I just had no time.

Then, (deep sigh) I had a death in my family. My oldest brother got killed 😦 D=, it happened the day after my 30th birthday on black Friday, which was the day before his daughter 11th birthday...SIGH .. So, November and December were not my months.

So, I have been pretty busy. I am apologizing, I have a lot of great post just like my old page..


Be Blessed Edna Moore-Washington 



My Bed Room Challenge

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Life, My Thoughts, Personal

I want to share my bedroom challenge 😉

For the next 10 days I will be getting down and dirty.

I will be doing things that most women do only cause their men like it.

I will be doing it on my knees, under the bed, in the closet and on the dresser….

If you want to come to my house to help I’m sure my husband would love to watch 😉

Come Join Me…

Lets Get DIRTY

——Edna Moore-Washington


HOLD ON… Everyone knew I was talking about chores right O_o ?





Day 1 – Chest Drawers ===> That is the cluttered over stuffed dresser with I am sure a few things you can no longer fit, or have a taste for. Donate those to0 small or big items to some organization who will use it..Refold the clothes neatly and have a nice day

Day 2 – Computer Desk===>> Put the pens in the pen holder, put the pictures you scanned on Facebook back in the frame.Those school papers your kids gave you while you were working there can probably be tossed or stored

Day 3 – Dresser Drawers===> The thing that holds your clothes with the mirror, has the same thing Day 1 has, clothes that no longer fit or in style. You can donate them too. Then fold clothes back to the way they should be.

Day 4 –  Jewelry Box===>> Match  the earrings back together, separate the your chains and bracelets that are stuck together

Day 5 – Books, Magazines, Papers===>> Go through, the books and magazines and see if you want to toss (only if they are not in good enough condition to donate) See what papers need to be put up, tossed or shredded….  I guess this is not “Edna Library” s

Day 6 – Night Stand===>> on top and inside there are most likely things that need to be tossed or put back in its place

Day 7 – The Shoes===>> Somewhere in your room there is a lonely shoe looking for a match. You need to put the shoes together and put them where they belong

Day 8– Your side of the Closet====>>put the hangers back, go through clothes and donate unwanted items. make it neat

Day9 –  Your Spouse Side Of The Closet ===>> do the same as day 8 😉

Day 10 – Under The Bed ===> the stuff you hid must find a home, take them and put them in their proper place